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Level up your data

MagicINFO DataLink

Real-time data management

Manually adjusting content changes isn’t labor-intensive, but it is very error-prone and often reactive. In addition, you’re trying to be active, but decisions will be taken based on your figures and content, so it has to be up-to-date. A package such as MagicINFO DataLink is essential to show up-to-date information relevant at a specific time. Samsung’s MagicINFO DataLink is an extra package to MagicINFO, Samsung’s content distribution system. Combined, these make real-time data management within reach.

Show dynamic data

Key features

Samsung MagicINFO DataLink provides dynamic information display for a straightforward and efficient way to present up-to-the-minute data that is changed in real time.


Support multiple data sources

Connect with MS-SQL® and Oracle®. Including major database systems, legacy database systems, XML data sources, RSS and Excel.


Conditional scheduling

Publish content based on certain variables and rules using relevant data sources like weather, stock or country etc.


Automated updates

Content is constantly updated in real-time thanks to the connected data sources.


Reduces labor costs

With MagicINFO™ Datalink, companies can reduce their labor costs related to content creation and scheduling.


Less error-prone

By automating routine tasks, businesses can optimize workers’ time and eliminate errors that may occur with repetitive manual scheduling.


Easy global operations

Manage large display networks by centralizing content publication and maintain brand consistency.


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