Privacy Policy

eTatvaSoft (all the users) functions in the market with the website which offers mobile application and software development services.

Any information captured on this website is important to us. As a matter of privacy concerns, eTatvaSoft is respectful and committed to privacy policies and will use this information gathered from the website or mobile application. The policy enforced will ensure that the business abides by all the compliance, data privacy laws, and other regulations. Information provided to us while you service on will be safely stored in eTatvaSoft’s collection of personal data information and will not be shared with any other users.

Information collected will be used for marketing purposes and to improve the service of the business. To use this service businesses will have to agree and accept the use of information according to the policy. Only in cases when the policy is specifically defined, it applies the same everywhere with the same rules and regulations in Terms and Conditions.

For residents of the European Union, all the data collected from our website about you will be subjected as per the guidelines of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) act of the European Union and will be a “data controller” to safeguard such private information.

For residents of the United States, all the information collected from the consumers will be used with respect to the guidelines decided by the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) which holds all the responsibility of business and service providers of such information.

  1. 1. Definitions

    • Services

      Service at means eTatvaSoft onus on all of the services offered through their website and mobile application.

    • Personal Data

      Personal data means the identity of an individual using those data and other precise information which are either their possession or can be claimed to be one.

    • Usage Data

      Usage data is the autonomously collected data using beacons or any other service infrastructure. For instance- access to our services through a website and request a proposal.

    • Cookies

      Information stored in bits and pieces on your device is called cookies.

    • Data Controller

      Data Controller specifies to be a mediator or could be a legal person who individually or jointly with an organization manages both the parties. It clearly determines the clear intent of information to be conveyed through this and with the same Privacy policy, we act as data controllers of all information collected.

    • Data Processors (or Service Providers)

      Data Processor is a replica of a Data controller (a legal person who knows about both the parties) which may be used to process data effectively.

    • Data Subject (or User)

      Data Subject can be considered as an individual is subjected to use personal data and utilizes the service.

  2. 2. Information Collection and Use

    All the different types of captured information can be utilized in various channels to improve service providing.

  3. 3. Types of Data Collected

    • Personal Data

      While exploring our services on the website, we may need some of your personal information that can be used to contact an individual, and hence this is termed as personal data. As this information is easy to identify and very common but the below list does not restrict to specific given parameters.

      • Email address
      • First and Last name
      • Phone number
      • Cookies and Usage data

      We can use this Personal Information through various channels like newsletters, marketing channels, or promotional and other sales activities that may be in the interest of the customer. You may be contacted through these channels and you have an option to opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving the services from any of these communication services or can deny taking action in any email sent by us.

    • Usage Data

      For our own business agenda, we may also gather some information that we have received from the site you visited or from the mobile device you operated. This is “Usage data”.

      For more information on usage data, you can check sectors such as the computer’s IP address, details about the browser such as its type, browser version, service pages, data time, and every minute detail that helps the company with the unique identity of visitors.

      For services accessed via mobile phones, there is a variety of data usage that can be taken into account such as which device type it is, unique EMEI number, IP address, operating system, internet browser type, and other unique identifiers of the machine as well as the user.

      Speaking about the time of services accessed from the third-party includes Individual accounts from Social networks when allowed to save passwords on certain websites for easy accessibility. Through mobile service provider that allows to trace their network, internet details and customize the offerings as per the current location.

    • Using Cookie data information

      When the user logs in they have an option to accept and ignore the cookies being used, if there is a yes, then those cookies are used to track technologies and other services that hold information about the visitor.

      Cookies are information carriers that store information in smaller amounts. Cookies ask consent to the browser and if the browser allows then it stores unique identifiers anonymously. Cookies send information to browsers, websites and other stored mobile devices. The technologies used to collect information are tags, beacons, scripts, and other networks for identifying and analyzing services.

      Also, you can refuse to give consent for cookies being sent and this will signify businesses to stop collecting data and utilize their marketing efforts.

      Some of the common examples of Cookies are

      • Session Cookies: This is used to operate service pages.
      • Preference Cookies: These cookies keep in mind your preferences based on various filters
      • Security Cookies: For any data protection and privacy concern, we use security cookies.
  4. 4. Use of Data

    For different purposes, eTatvaSoft uses the collected data:

    • The provision and management of our services.
    • To inform you of improvements to our service.
    • To encourage you to engage when you want to do so in our Service's interactive features.
    • To provide support for customers.
    • To gather valuable information or analysis so that our service can be enhanced
    • To track the use of our service.
    • To detect, prevent and address technical issues.
    • To facilitate you with the latest news, offerings, special updates or general information about products, services and other similar events, already subscribed or purchased and restrict those users who have not allowed or granted consent of receiving such information.
  5. 5. Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    eTatvaSoft has a legal authority granted to collect data and use the same personal information in the privacy policy to make it more specific. If you are from the EEA (European Economic Area) region then it is completely dependent on local authorities to take action on the information gathered and processed.

    The personal data may be processed by eTatvaSoft because

    • They might need to terminate the contract with you.
    • You have authorized them to take decisions.
    • Processing is in our legitimate interests and your rights do not override it.
    • To be in compliance with the law.
  6. 6. Retention of Data

    eTatvaSoft holds all the necessary rights to retain all the information that is quoted under the Privacy Policy. To a larger extent, we will comply with all legal obligations and retain usage of all personal information. For instance, we will have to retain data in order to adhere to applicable jurisdiction, resolve disputes and enforce legal agreements and policies.

    For all analysis within the organization, eTatvaSoft will also retain “Usage data” which is comparatively less time consuming for information processing. For cases, if the information is used to enhance the security level and improvise on the service offerings then we are legally responsible for safeguarding information for a longer period of time.

  7. 7. Transfer of Data

    All sorts of information collected can be accessed and maintained in any computer located at any location, say within your province, state or county or even country. Government jurisdiction is different in different countries and hence if your business is located in some other country like the USA then you have to provide information so that we transfer all the data as the US-government norms

    You need to give consent to privacy policies followed by the submission of an agreement to transfer the data.

    eTatvaSoft is responsible to take all necessary steps to ensure that the data gathered is secure and abides by compliance with Privacy Policy. We take all responsibility for not transferring personal data to any other organization or country and if transferred it would be with all adequate control, rights, and safety in place.

  8. 8. Disclosure of Data

    • Transaction of data

      For any issues where eTatvaSoft is involved as a merger or in the acquisition or as a sale of assets, then the personal data will be transferable. Specific notice will be provided for your personal data if it is subjected to any kind of privacy policy.

    • Disclosure of Law Enforcement

      For any unfortunate circumstances where eTatvaSoft needs to disclose your personal data then by law, to do so they are required to take necessary permissions from legal authorities like court or Govt agency.

    • Legal Requirements

      In emergency conditions, if eTatvaSoft may disclose your personal data then the actions taken against it would be

      • To abide by a legal duty
      • To safeguard and defend the rights or assets of eTatvaSoft
      • Preventing or investigating possible misconduct relating to the Service
      • Protection of the personal safety of the users of the service or of the public
      • To safeguard against legal responsibility
  9. 9. Security of Data

    Data Security is a vital concern for businesses because hacking occurs every now and then which is because the internet is not 100% secure. The security of apps is not assured because it is not commercially acceptable by any means to safeguard your Personal data.

  10. 10. Our Policy on "Do Not Track" Signals under the California Online Protection Act (CalOPPA)

    Our Policy clearly states that we do not allow DNT- Do Not Track as a preferable choice in the browsers because they do not want their websites to be tracked.

    The preference can be set to enable or disable if you do not want to track by visiting and setting the preference in the web browser.

  11. 11. CCPA

    Privacy and security of your data are indeed valuable to us. So in that accordance, we have updated this privacy policy effective January 1, 2020, in support of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

    The CCPA is a new law on data privacy that applies to certain companies that collect California residents' personal information. On January 1, 2020, the new law went into effect. Here you will learn more:

    We hope you will find these updates that will enhance your experience and strengthen our commitment to our offered services.

  12. 12. Your Data Protection Rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you have special access to data protection rights. eTatvaSoft seeks to take reasonable steps to allow the use of your personal data to be corrected, amended, deleted, or limited.

    You can get in touch with us if we have your personal data and you want us to remove that from our servers for any future data breach. For such scenarios, the following are data protection rights.

    Right to access, update or delete

    For any instances where there is some information of customers with us then they have all the rights to update, request to delete and personal information for specific accounts and their settings. In case of unable to take action then they can contact the officials at eTatvaSoft for further assistance.

    Right of Rectify

    You have all the rights of rectification at all stages if the information provided is incorrect or inaccurate.

    Right to Object

    If we process any personal information, you have all the rights to object to it whenever needed.

    Right of Limitation

    You can limit users or restrict them to process any of your personal information from being processed.

    Right to data portability

    You reserve all the rights of accessing a copy in a structured, machine-readable and common format that eTatvaSoft has and needs to transfer to another location when needed.

    Right to withdraw consent

    In this right to withdraw consent, you can take back the consent for all records where eTatvaSoft trusted and took consent to process personal information.

    Before we answer any such requests, please take note that we may validate your identity and may ask reasons for it. Abiding by the act of DPA(Data Protection Act), you have all the right to lodge a complaint about data breaches for all the gathered personal data. For the European Economic area, contact local data protection legal advisors or authorities.

  13. 13. Service Providers

    In order to encourage our Services globally as a Service Provider, we may take help and employ third party companies and individuals for Service-related concerns or to help us analyze how our Service is used.

    In case if the third parties have access to your personal data then they would be carrying out all tasks on our behalf and we are obliged to take care that this information is used for no other purpose other than service providing.

  14. 14. Links to Other Sites

    Our service could include links to other websites that may not be operated by us. In case you come across any of our Third-party companies and happen to click on their website, then we would strongly recommend reading decisively their privacy policy given on the website. We owe no responsibility for the content present on third-party websites, practices, and services.

  15. 15. Children's Privacy

    We have clearly stated that our Service only addresses adults and not children under the age of 18 ("Children").

    We do not intentionally gather data from anyone under the age of 18 that is personally identifiable. If you are a parent or guardian and if your child has provided any personal information without your consent then you can drop an email to us and we will take necessary steps to remove it from our servers when we are notified about collected information of children without parental consent.

  16. 16. Changes to This Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy policy is updated on a timely basis and alert notification of our new Privacy policy is sent to the owners if the change is effective to their business.

    We notify all the stakeholders regarding the change in privacy policy before it gets effective in the market. We approach them via email or make a prominent notice on our service with an “effective date” of privacy policy drafted. For any issues, you are advised to periodically review the policy posted, check the amendments and then make a decision.

  17. 17. Contact Us

    For any queries or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy, Please contact us via email.

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