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Level up expertise


Leverage expertise

Are you new to MagicINFO and want expert advice? Are you looking for solid technical foundations for a large signage infrastructure? In a pre-sales process and wondering how MagicINFO could give you the edge? Working on a tender or proposal and need advice that won’t come back to bite you later? Want to know more about how to use MagicINFO in your situation? Or how to advise your client? These are just some of the reasons that our clients find us. By deploying signage solutions to clients worldwide we have wide-ranging experience in installing, managing and creating signage solutions. Benefit from what we know about how to design, create and implement customized signage solutions.

What we can do for you

Areas of knowledge



Make use of in-depth MagicINFO know-how and direct line to Samsung.



Years of experience in the open source platform, creating multiple solutions for a great range of purposes.


Customized solutions

We create what isn't there yet. With a team of developers we create customized solutions built to serve your signage needs.


Server infrastructures

Creating well thought out infrastructures for 1 or a thousand displays including multi tenant environments.


Pre-sales support

Working on a tender or proposal and need some advice? Benefit from technical expertise and best pricing.


Project management

Rely on years of experience to get the job done.


In need for advice?

Talk to an expert

Hiring a consultant may seem like an expensive extra, until you really need one later in the process. It really does pay to avoid wasted time, money and frustration later by hiring expert help early. Avoid unnecessary extra costs and delays later and make sure you can deliver on your promises.

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